Commercial law

The Firm provides assistance to its Italian and foreign clients in all areas of commercial law, assisting them in negotiations and in drafting agreements (including sales contracts, distribution, agency, franchising, tender, etc.).

Corporate law

The Firm offers extensive assistance in the management and development of the company, in the relationship between shareholders or between shareholders and directors, both in negotiation and judicial phases.

Banking law

The Firm has a solid expertise in providing assistance, both judical and extrajudical to credit institutions and companies on contractual matters related to the performance of banking activities, including leasing and factoring issues.

Bankruptcy law

The Firm deals with insolvency situations, bankruptcy proceedings and corporate restructuring, providing advice and assistance to Bankruptcy Bodies, companies and their administrators.

Tax law

The Firm manages ,for its customer, the relationships with the Financial Administration in the control (tax audits), pre-litigation (appeals, self-defence, assessment with adhesion) and procedural phases through the drafting and treatment of appeals.

Agricultural Law

The Firm provides consultancy and assistance in the whole agricultural sector, dealing with contracts, pre-litigation, retracts, etc..

Credit recovery

The Firm manages credit recovery, providing advice and assistance to the creditor both in the extrajudicial and judicial phases (through the drafting of reminders, appeals for injunctive decrees, writ of enforcement and attachment of securities and real estate, mortgage registrations and transcriptions).

Accident and insurance law

The Firm provides advice and assistance for the recovery of physical and material damage resulting from accidents, taking the appropriate actions towards insurance companies and those responsible. It also assists individuals and companies in cases of liability for accidents at work and accidents in general.

Right of execution

The Firm provides assistance during auctions for the formulation of the relative bids, participation in the tender and the fulfilment of the subsequent obligations. It also deals with the general management of forced executions of real estate and securities.


The Firm offers a complete tailor-made assistance, from the opening of the succession to the judicial and extrajudicial division, through the acceptance, with or without inventory benefit or the waiver of the inheritance.

Property and Lease Law

The Firm provides advice on property rights and leases, including eviction procedures, assisting clients in negotiations, drafting contracts and providing assistance in litigation.

Family law

The Firm offers advice and assistance in family matters, with particular reference to the phase of consensual and judicial separation, divorce, modification of matrimonial conditions and children custody.

Labour law

The Firm provides advice and assistance in extrajudicial and judicial matters to companies in managing relationships with employees and collaborators, as well as in drafting employment contracts in general.

Privacy law

The Firm provides advice and assistance in matters of privacy and protection of privacy rights, as well as in compliance with the GDPR (EU Reg. 2016/679).

Criminal law

The Firm provides assistance and advice to people suspected or charged with criminal proceedings or to people offended by a crime.

Administrative law

The Firm deals with litigation with public bodies, both extrajudicial and judicial, by drafting appeals to the TAR and higher courts.

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