Scanavino Bertolino Law Firm was founded in 2000 by the association of the founding members, Giorgio Scanavino and Claudio Bertolino and offers a targeted, personalized and efficient professional service, with special attention to the preliminary analysis of the costs of each case, in relation to the foreseeable benefits, respecting the utmost confidentiality. It assists clients in litigation, both judicial and extra-judicial, in civil litigation (mainly commercial
and contractual, corporate, banking, bankruptcy, tax, agricultural, accident and insurance, movable and immovable property enforcement, inheritance, property and leases, family, work and privacy), criminal and administrative litigation, relying on a consolidated group of collaborators with multidisciplinary training, but specialized in individual subjects.
The Firm also collaborate on a regular basis with many qualified professionals such as notaries, accountants and labour consultants, in order to best meet its clients’ needs. The Firm efficient organization and productivity manage to guarantee real time answers, having characterized its working method with a marked dynamism. .
Moreover, special consideration is given to recent law graduates, who, compatibly with the availability of space, are guaranteed the possibility of following an effective training apprenticeship, with the prospect, for the most deserving, of the subsequent insertion into our staff.

Studio Legale Scanavino Bertolino Torino 12 - 12051 Alba (Cn)
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